Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Corners of the house

We've been having a bit of a move around at home.  The dining room has been moved round and we've created this little corner which shows off my grandfather's desk beautifully.  Which, as you can see, is slightly battered but very beloved!  The picture on top of the desk is by the very talented Flopsy Bunny.  I think there is definately some synchronisity going on in our house.  I've been looking for ages for a picture like this, an abstract, sort of stripey with those kind of colours and lo and behold my little gorgeous Flopsy Bunny created this last year.  Doesn't it just look fab - or are my rose-tinted glasses a bit too rose-tinted in this matter?!  (I do have thoughts along the lines of  - when she is a world famous artist I can say - "well this was her first piece, aged 5!" hee hee!!)  Anyway, I love it!  It will be making it's way up the wall just as soon as I get out to the garage to find a hammer!

Of course looking at this photo you can clearly see a need for those cushions to be changed and my mind is already whirring, a bit of linen, some applique - watch this space . . .

On an entirely different note, we had a lovely sunny autumnal walk on Sunday, through some beech woods above our house and DH captured this beauty.

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