Saturday, 12 November 2011


I'm not quite sure what has happened this last week, but it seemed that I was VERY BUSY!  Looking back I'm not sure what I was actually doing, but never mind, the long and short of it is that I haven't posted for ages.  So here's a quick update.  Grape Jelly!  You might remember last year I tried making Mosto Cotto with the grape harvest from own little vine.  It was lovely, but alas did not last as long as I was assurred it would do and started getting a nasty film on it - I did wonder whether I had sterilised the bottle well enough.  Anyway, I thought this year I would try something different.  The lovely Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook has a great receipe for Grape Jelly and with our bumper crop of grapes this year I managed to make three jars.  I'm not sure how well it has set as I was a little impatient . . . !  Here's hoping it tastes yummy.

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