Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Camping and quilting

Last week, as you may have gathered, was a washout weekend for camping.  Although really annoyingly the weather turned out lovely!  But having already made the decision not to go it was difficult to galvanise ourselves into getting everything together to go.  What it did do though was to galvanise me to finish a project that has been sitting under the stairs in a basket for about a year!!  Do you remember this post and this post (rather sadly this also features a photo of our lovely but departed pussy cat, RIP Saffy)?  Well last year I did manage to quilt the front to the back but just didn't get round to finishing off the binding.

Fast forward a year to our next camping trip - yes sadly we have had a limited number of camping trips in the last year - here is the finished quilt - horray!!  Now I just have to make the kids their quilts and the bunting out of the left overs . . . .!

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