Tuesday, 26 June 2012


It almost hurts your eyes to look at this lovely doesn't it?!  I have a lovely patch of these peonies growing just so I can see them through my kitchen window.  They do bring a zestful  wake up call in the morning.  I am plotting another patch of peonies somewhere in the garden, because as you know - I do love them!!

So our first camping trip of the year was a huge success.  It only rained on Saturday night when we were all tucked up in bed.  The rest of the time we had lovely weather.  There was also a bit of BBQing, bike riding, kite flying, watching boats in a harbour, pub lunches, general running around and splashing in puddles - ah a perfect receipe for a weekend (won't mention the mountain of washing, putting away and actual sleep that was needed on our return!).  My camping quilt also had it's maiden outing and kept my little ones toasty warm.  Ah I do love camping and just all the being outdoors of it all - it's good for the soul.

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