Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Wet Tuesday

You could insert any day of the week at the moment and it would ,sadly, be true.  Being a nation known to like to talk about the weather I tend to resist that topic - but what weather!!  Cripes it has been horrendous!  So much rain has fallen in the last two months it makes us laugh in the face of the hose-pipe ban earlier this year!  My veg growing has been very disappointing and the only thing that seems to be going well at the moment are my tomatoes in the greenhouse.  Courgettes, beans, peas, potatoes, beetroot, carrots, lettuce -  all very disappointing.  The allotment is faring no better - hopes of self-sufficiency are fading.  I just keep thinking Thank Goodness we aren't totally dependent on the food that we grow!

In other news someone has taken up residence in our garden.  We are not sure who he or she is or who he or she might belong to, but we've all started thinking about how much we miss our pussycat and how we might be tempted to get another . . .!!

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