Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Family Art

This weekend saw me hanging (badly!) two new pictures onto the walls of our sitting room.   The walls are getting a bit full but I managed to find spaces for these two special works of art.  The first one is from my mother-in-law to DH.  One of her recent pieces which was inspired by the Devizes to Westerminster canoe race that DH did twice when he was younger.  I love it and I love her work, usually she is creating gorgeous gilt boxes or paper mache bowls that are so fine and delicate that they could almost be china.

The second picture was one of my late grandfather's paintings of a scene in the South of France.  The picture used to hang above my grandparents sofa in their bungalow and so it has memories of their last home together as well as reminding me of all the tales they used to tell about their times in the south of France.  On the cold summer nights we've been having recently I've been trying to imagine myself there, on the harbour, on a warm evening, eating a delicious meal! Ahh, what a talented family I've got . . .!

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