Friday, 16 November 2012

Unexpected craftiness

Flopsy Bunny was struck down with another version of the Noro virus this week, which seems to be still circulating round her class at school.  As she was not terribly ill we got to spend some quality 'crafty' time together!  I loved her playdoh dogs all in a line.  Then I had the idea of looking through my fabric stash to find something to make some draft excluders.  I have noticed recently how drafty the doors are and I think I need to take action!  Well, as you can imagine this little foray into my fabric pile did not turn out exactly as I had hoped.  Flopsy Bunny started a pile of her own, 'this would be good for a dress and what about this for some socks?!'  I managed to get away with promising a nightdress for her dolly but of course I had to make it right away!!!
Then Little Roo came home and announced that Ro-Ro also needed some PJ's before bedtime.  The race was on, me sewing away frantically while they ate their supper.

But at last everyone's favourite toy was kitted out with new nightwear ready for bedtime!  Do you recognise the fabric of Ro-Ro's PJ's, yes some left over fabric from Little Roo's duck shorts, which were a real hit this summer.  While I was photographing in Little Roo's bedroom I thought I would just show you some of the many layers on his bed. 
Do you remember this? The camping quilt is making an outing now that the weather is getting colder and Little Roo is beginning to feel cold at night.  I also wanted to show you the blanket on top that I knitted sometime ago, it is lined with fleece and has satin ribbon round the edges - he is certainly going to be toasty warm this winter!

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