Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Tempting you back with a Muffin . . .

When my little ones were babies, "Do you know the Muffin Man?" was one of the songs from my repertoire that I liked to sing to them.  There were others and some I made up, as you do as a mum, like the one about a giggly ganoe paddling a canoe, that one involved a lot of tickles!!!  So the Muffin Man song was a favourite of ours and guess what Muffins are too!!!

So when the planets seemed to align yesterday with Waitrose sending through a recipe for Blackberry Muffins at exactly the same time as I was about to tackle the rather large patch (es) of brambles we have in our rather neglected garden, it seemed like the only thing to do!  The kids were dispatched to find as many ripe blackberries they could find in the garden, without hurting themselves too much on the brambles and then we set about making the Muffins.  Flopsy Bunny had a friend over so there were four of us baking.  The thing about cooking with children is that you have to make sure everyone gets a go and it is fair so that nobody gets to do all the exciting parts - who would know sieving flour would be so contentious!!!  So they all chose an ingredient that they would do, the sugar had to be sieved as well, and we set to work, with me hovering trying to make sure the right ingredients in the right amounts went into the bowl.  I think we did a pretty good job!

Unfortunately I can't tell you what they taste like as Flopsy Bunny and Little Roo have divided the remaining muffins up, and they know EXACTLY how many they each have AND what colour the cases are - so there is no way I can have a crafty muffin while they are at school!!!  Which is probably just as well as they would definitely head straight for the 'muffin top' I seem to be developing after a summer of eating well and not doing very much  . . .!

I guess this is a round about way of saying I've been a bit absent from here this year.  I will do a post about why shortly and another one about our crazy summer holiday and another one on the ever growing pile of yarn I am stockpiling for the list of projects I am wanting to make!  But I just wanted to say I am back!  Please have a Muffin and I hope you'll drop by again as I promise there will be more posts coming!!!!


  1. Fabulous to see you back - look forward to more x