Thursday, 2 October 2014

A quick knitting update

There I was trying to tempt you back last month with more posts and updates on the happenings around here and then silence . . .  October is here so I thought I would show you the (little) knitting I've been doing since my last knitting post.  Yes there has been a bit of a theme to my knitting this year.  Did Chloe need a new wardrobe and a Labrador?  Probably not but they were fun to make and Flopsy Bunny is thrilled!

I am just about to finish another knitting project which has been slowly growing over the summer.  I've got to the tricky bit, I need to do a graft, which I'm not entirely sure how to do and so I need to devote a couple of quiet child free hours to sit and get it done.  Then I can show you what I will be wearing next summer on a chilly evening! 

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