Friday, 24 October 2008

Cupcake or Fairy Cake?

It's a question I must ask my American friend. The word cupcake is so cute but I think I do prefer fairy cake - it conjures up mystical memories of childhood, those individual cakes in their pretty paper cases with icing and sparkles on top. I can just imagine fairy's at the bottom of the garden eating smaller versions with their tea!

Flopsy Bunny and I have been baking recently, not fairy cakes unfortunately (but as I am thinking about them will do any day now!) but chocolate biscuits and I began to think that she needs her very own grown up girl apron. So when I saw some cupcake material in my local fabric shop I just couldn't resist. I have designed a pattern and made what I think is a very cute girly apron for a very cute girl. I got so taken with the apron that I opened an Etsy shop and thought I would sell some in my shop. I'm very excited about my Etsy shop (another new beginning!) and am busy thinking up other things to make to add to my store. Please check out my shop and have a browse around, there isn't much there at the moment but am hoping some fabric door stops will be in the making soon...

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