Sunday, 2 November 2008

Change and transformation

This week has been one of change, the clocks went back (well technically that could be considered last week!), we had the first snow of the season (albeit a light smattering) and ordinary pumpkins became scary faces. Flopsy Bunny and I had great fun making our pumpkin face and dressing up for Halloween. Flopsy Bunny decided that she was going to dress up as a witchy ballerina and looked terribly sweet in her pink tutu, witches hat and pink spotty tights.

All of this does seem to herald the beginning of a new season, the nights are drawing in and log fires are now a daily occurrence. So I MUST finish off poor Flopsy Bunny's new slippers. There have been a few developments on the slippers. I was raring to start making ones I had a pattern for until I realised that the wool I intended to use was the wrong ply and so now have taken the brave step of designing my own pattern. I'm quite used to creating new designs but do feel a bit of trepidation over these slippers because of the felting. I have to make them bigger than I need and then hope that they felt to the right dimensions in the washing machine. So far I have made two soles and am now on the sides. It is taking longer than it should because I'm having to make up the pattern as I go along. Anyway, I'm hoping that by my next post they will be finished and there will be a (proud?) photo of these little pink pixie slippers. I am even going to try some needle felting having seen a video of how to do it on Pipp's Purses blog.


  1. Good luck ;) Good to see Red Otter on your blog roll - Jewels (who writes it) is really lovely, do say hello via comments on her blog and let her know you've blogrolled her and you might get a mention! She's a regular commenter at Planting Words... I'm off to Aldeburgh for poetry this weekend, have a good one x

  2. Thanks Fiona - have left a message for Jewels - love the site - I share her love of beautiful things. Hope Aldeburgh was good.