Monday, 31 August 2009

Fabric Love

I've been indulging myself a bit and going a little crazy on Etsy buying up some fabulous fabrics. I love fabric, always have, my aunt (who has been researching our family tree) says we come from a long line of tailors and craftspeople so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. My obsession with fabric and making things wasn't helped by a Saturday job I had as a teenager in a local fabric shop. I didn't really earn much in the way of money as most of it was spent on fabric. My mother used to sigh and mutter "I hope you're not intending on wearing that tonight" as I came home holding a bag of fabric each Saturday, and I would reply "yes!" and set straight to work making a skirt or trousers to wear out that night! Those were the days ...

I have plans for all of the above - I just have to find some time ... As we are coming to the end of the summer holidays and routine and structure will again return to our lives I'm hoping to set to work on this little lot. In the meantime I gaze lovingly at my little pile and it makes me smile! As you can see it doesn't take much to make me happy!

Now Kellie, from Don't Look Now! is another lady who has a similar love of fabric and she makes the most amazing and gorgeous quilts and cushions. I am totally in awe of her designs and the way she uses fabrics. Not only she is incredibly talented but amazingly generous too and she is having a give away on her blog at the moment to celebrate her 100th post. All you need to do is hot foot it 'down under' to her blog (it is totally worth doing as the give away is a fantastic quilt called Lilly Pilly) and leave a comment and keep your fingers crossed. Here's hoping ...

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