Friday, 21 August 2009


I love this time of the year, combine harvester's racing round the countryside to get the crops in. It brings me back to my childhood. Our garden backed onto a field and we used to love watching the harvest being gathered, all very exciting. The most exciting part was when they burnt off the stubble afterwards - not very PC I know - but it was quite mesmerizing to watch as the wind made the flames dance around the field and the loud crackling sound will stay with me forever!

I've had my own little harvest as you can see. Although I'm a bit ashamed to say that we have lots of brambles in our garden! We have an amazing wild garden. On a hill, so parts of it are inaccessible and it backs onto woodland - or rather our garden is half woodland. I have long since stopped trying to tame it and have now accepted that there will be bits that we can manage - a couple of flowerbeds and the rest will just have to be taken over by nature. Anyway, the good thing is that we haven't had to go far this year to pick our blackberries! These ones are destined to become jam which is just as well as last year's jam supply has run out and we are now having to resort to shop bought jam so I need to make some quick!