Wednesday, 27 January 2010

This week I have mainly been covering boxes . . .

Storage is a big issue in our house, there's not enough of it, or is it that we have too much stuff . . . ? I think I'd like it to be the former but my fear (as a perpetual hoarder) is that we have too much stuff! So I am in a constant and on going round of finding clever storage solutions. Just after Christmas I bought some pretty little boxes, covered in gingham and roses, which I thought would be ideal to hide some of Flopsy Bunny's toys on her bookshelf. They were every bit as gorgeous as I thought they would be and did the trick in hiding some of her things but I was a bit disappointed in the size - somehow they looked bigger on the website! Anyway, not to be put out I suddenly remembered the shoe box of DH's that I had been keeping/hoarding and thought it was a great size to store some wooden puzzles. So off I went to this lovely little shop that stocks a lot of Cath Kidston's things and bought some lovely flowery wrapping paper then set to work with a pencil, ruler and a lot of PVA glue! I'm on a bit of a roll now, there's still some wrapping paper left and another box I've just found . . .!

As a bit of an aside just wanted to say how astounded I am at myself - 9 posts this month - what's got over me!!!!

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