Monday, 15 March 2010

Mother's Day and Birthday Cake

I haven't got the best reputation in our house for baking great birthday cakes. In fact they are always a disaster! For Flopsy Bunny's first birthday, the sugar free carrot cake I made her had to be thrown away as it tasted awful, hadn't cooked properly and sunk in the middle - I had to make a last minute dash to our local butchers (yes they sell cakes too!) to pick up a victoria sponge! The second year, still reeling from the disaster the year before I played it safe and bought a smarties cake - which went down very well. The third year my sponges didn't rise (although they tasted fine) so I ended up making 4 cakes and finally settled on a 3 layer cake. The butter icing didn't go on too well either so I gave the cake to Flopsy Bunny to decorate and everyone was happy - Flopsy Bunny loved decorating her cake and I managed to save myself any cake decorating embarrassment by saying Flopsy Bunny did it!! So this year, I hoped that I might be able to produce something that was both edible and looked good too! Well it's not perfect by any standards but I must say I'm proud of myself! Obviously the princess decoration was not my own work but I think I managed to stay on brief - Flopsy Bunny had wanted a chocolate heart shaped cake. Unfortunately the heart shaped tin I bought on the internet was too small to feed all her little friends so I had to think outside the tin so to speak and settled on a round tin as I had a board and cake box to fit it!

So yesterday was a lovely day - a lie in, a wonderful breakfast, a hand picked posy of snowdrops and presents and a card from my two gorgeous children (with a little help from the wonderful DH), a glorious walk along the river and then Flopsy Bunny's party - full of bouncy castle fun, face painting and of course THE CAKE!

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