Wednesday, 10 March 2010

No chickens . . .

'But where are the chickens?' asked Flopsy Bunny when I showed her the new PJ bottoms 'But what about the hearts? .... and the turn ups ....' I said hopefully. 'I wanted chicks all over them'. Hmmm must make her a chicken top PDQ, and memo to self not to include her in the creative process! Also with Easter looming very fast and all my ideas for Easter things still very much ideas at the moment, I need to get a move on. The PJ jacket is cut out and I just need to wizz it up. I must say I'm in love with fell flat seams. I've never done them before but the pattern directed me to do them and they are great! So much neater and really easy too - don't know what I've been doing all these years not to have discovered them sooner.


  1. perhaps a chickeny waist band?

  2. OOoo good idea - might be able to keep us both happy that way! thanks ;)