Friday, 28 May 2010

My new arch

OK so the photo doesn't really do it justice - I had to run out quickly to snap a pic so it's not the best light - but I'm loving my new arch. This is my new flower bed which, as you can see from all the bare earth, is still being planted up but I needed to create some privacy for the decking behind - sometimes it feels like we are sitting on a stage - which of course will be perfect for Flopsy Bunny and all the ballet shows and general theatre she will be putting on but for eating a quite lunch we don't particularly want to be in full view! So I have been looking everywhere for exactly this arch and all the ones in the garden centre's where either too big, or too ornate or just too expensive. So imagine my surprise when I went into our local hardware store to buy a new bulb - there was my arch - perfect and only £10! I couldn't wait to put it up - so at 9pm last night I was putting up arches and planting clematis either side!!

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