Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Felting Tips . . .

I'm certainly no expert on felting. Of the three projects I have made, one certainly didn't turn out as I had hoped, but the two bags I made - here and here - turned out fine. So I just thought I would share a few tips on felting that I have picked up on the way (it's also meant to be a reminder for me too!)

  1. Use needles smaller than the gauge requires this means that you get a better looking felt at the end and that the individual stitches will not be visible.
  2. Increase friction by adding a towel to the machine if you are only felting a small item. Or save up items for felting and wash them all together.
  3. Add a colour dye catcher or two if you are felting knitting with contrasting colours. I wish I had done this with my striped embrace bag as the dye did run and the light green wool didn't keep it's colour so well.
  4. Use the right wool! Which I found to my cost! 100% pure wool is needed but you should also look at the washing instructions, you need wool that is delicate and ideally not machine washable.
  5. Reshape the felt when it is still wet so you get the finish and shape that you are looking for.
Happy felting!!

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