Sunday, 12 September 2010

Little surprises

I've been getting a few little surprises recently in my kitchen drawers. I opened a drawer today to get a bag out for the bin and ...

. . . Oooo 2 tomatoes ripening in my drawer (please excuse the state of my drawer - must tidy it up a bit!!). Then a couple of days ago I had another surprise but this time in the tea towel drawer. I love to think that DH is changing the location to keep me on my toes! The thing is I never see him do it. He obviously just pops out to the greenhouse and then comes back and pops the tomatoes in a drawer. Anyway, we had these tomatoes for lunch today and they have the most divine flavour. So sweet they almost tasted of strawberry's. In a salad with home-grown basil - delicious.

Saffy also brings us little surprises but unfortunately they are of the rodent variety so not quite as lovely to receive!

On the crafting front my lace ball has been released from it's balloon AND has held it's shape - horray! So I'll let you know what I used to keep it's shape. Instead of the diluted glue which I didn't want to go out and buy I came across a receipe using cornstarch - then after some further searching I realised that cornstarch is actually cornflour which I had in my kitchen cupboard!! So I mixed up a tablespoon of cornflour and 1/2 cup of water and simmered it gently on the hob until it went transparent. Then wet the knitting under the tap, gently squeezing and then dunking it in the cornflour mixture. I gave it a good old soaking, blotted it carefully and inserted the balloon and blew it up - what fun! When my camera is back in action I'll let you see the finished item.

As a little aside I am sooooo excited, this little bundle of gorgeousness landed on my doormat this week which I brought from Dream Weaver Yarns. OK so there is a bit of a theme developing here, yes it's red and oh my it is sparkly and have I mentioned yet how gorgeous it is? Anyway, think of me clicking away tonight as I start my new project . . .

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