Sunday, 24 October 2010

A day for being outdoors

We woke to sun streaming into our bedroom this morning and it just felt that it was going to be a day for being outdoors.  So after a hearty porridge breakfast we set out, destination: our favourite pub for pub lunches on a sunny day and a walk to DH's favourite sloe bush - he is quite particular about which bushes he likes to pick his sloe's from!  I wish I had bought my camera with me as Flopsy Bunny looked a picture - her chosen outfit for this walk was a pink fru-fru tutu type lacy skirt, pink stripey tights, bright pink coat with fur round the hood and pink glitter wellies!  She looked gorgeous - although may be not entirely appropriately dressed for a walk - and she made all the walkers and cyclists we past smile!  So having gathered our sloes we headed back to the pub for ham rolls all round washed down with lemonade.

Then it was home to tackle the veggie patch.  A friend had told me about green manure about a month ago and then I read Alys Fowler's article in the Guardian magazine about it and decided Green Manure was the way forward.  Hopefully it is going to improve our soil quality and keep the weeds at bay.  So I weeded, raked and sowed the seed - I'm going for an overwintering variety and then it's just a case of waiting.  Hopefully something will grow - I'm keeping the deer deterrent up as I thought they might get a bit partial to some rye grass over the winter months!

DH was busy inside while all this was going on and he cracked on and made the Sloe Gin!  Now the fun bit watching it turn an amazing deep red colour as the Sloe's leach out their colour and flavour.  The Sloe Gin will be warming our cockles on cold evenings this winter!

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