Monday, 18 October 2010

A deadline . . .

I've always worked best to a deadline so a throw away comment to a friend recently that I'd share a table at a local Christmas shopping night has got me a little bit nervous to say the least - mainly as I have made NOTHING to sell at all at this point in time . . .!  So a quick rush around and I've pulled these lovelies together - any guesses for what they are for??  Now on with the sewing.  I've got lots of other ideas - just hope I've got enough time to make it all in - still got a month to go!!

Other news: there is a very relieved Flopsy Bunny in the house at the moment.  She was most dismayed every time she came home last week to find the strong smell of chutney in the air - 'you're not making chutney AGAIN are you?' she would cry and the answer was yes!  A friend gave my loads of green tomatoes and so I ended up making two batches of chutney.  It did use up all my cooking apples but having to chop 4lb of onions was not my most favourite experience!

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