Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Reasons to be thankful

My thoughts this week have been turned towards the awful situation in Japan.  Maybe it's because I have a school friend living there that makes it all the more real - but I can't help think about those poor people who have lost everything, survived the earthquake and tsunami but are now struggling to survive, with limited food, heat and power.  It makes me think how much we take for granted.  That we can turn on a tap and get water, boil a kettle and make a cup of tea - all of which will be difficult for some to do over there.

It makes me remember the importance of the little things that make up our lives, the kindness of others, little moments of happiness we find in each day and being thankful for what we have.  This week I've enjoyed
  • Watching Little Roo working out how his sister's bicycle works
  • Coming to bed late and hearing snoring from behind each bedroom door - my own bit of research that shows I am the only one who doesn't snore!
  • Coming downstairs in the morning and discovering the glowing, still-burning embers of a big log I had put on the fire the night before.
  • Leaving a comment on a lovely blog and winning (and receiving) a book from a perfect stranger - do pop over and have a look at her lovely blog here we wereThe book is called The Story Blanket and it is about a lady who has a colourful blanket that the children of the village sit on for stories.  But the blanket gets smaller everyday as new knitted items are found by villagers who are in need of, a sock, a scarf, some mittens, a shawl - until there is no blanket left to sit on.  Then the villagers all take a bit of wool from all of their blankets and give it to Babba Zarrah who knits a new story blanket.  A lovely story about sharing and giving and receiving.
What are you being thankful for this week?

PS If you feel moved to donate to those people suffering in Japan from the earthquake and tsunami then please pop over to ShelterBox and make a difference.  Thank you.

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