Friday, 25 March 2011

A garden post

Hasn't it just been glorious these last few days - I've even got some summer trousers out and flip flops - O happy days!!  Here are some of my lovely Hellebores - there are many disadvantages of living on a hill but being able to see your Hellebore flowers because your flower beds are at waist height is one of the advantages!  Must plant some more - they are obviously loving that little spot.

We've been having some work done in the garden recently - just in time for planting and playing time!  A new raised veggie bed - which is completely covered in ground elder so will see me digging away to try and get all the roots out and then potatoes here we come!!  They are all chitting away nicely inside and looking forward to their new home.  Talking of new homes we have inherited a wendy house (or windy house as Flopsy Bunny likes to call it).  It's wonderful and is getting  a lot of use already.  I have visions of picnics and possible sleepovers if Daddy can be persuaded to sleep out in the wendy house with her one night!

On my needles is some of this lovely red wool and little triangles are starting to multiply . . .


  1. the windy house looks amazing!

  2. Thanks it is! A very exciting new development in the garden!