Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fairies in the air

There were lots of fairies in the air yesterday, dancing and twirling around, floating lightly on the currents of the air.   I tried not to think of all the new dandelions that would spring up where they settled!!! 
Easter is nearly upon us.  Flopsy Bunny is very excited by the prospect of alot of chocolate - I hope she won't be too disappointed . . .!  Little Roo is just excited because his big sister is but I don't think he really knows what is going on!  We've been making Easter biscuits for everyone and in usual tradition, and still to much mutterings from DH, an Easter Tree has been created.  It looks a bit busy, my tree, this year.  Maybe its the wallpaper behind or maybe I've succumbed (as my sister feared) to the commericialisation of Easter and just bought too much stuff!  Cute little bunnies though! 
This year to get some inspiration I ended up doing a quick search on the web for Easter Trees.  It seems that decorating branches for Easter stemmed from Germany (the Germans obviously have a love of bringing trees indoors - I'm sure Christmas Trees first started in Germany too!)  Anyway, I digress, the tradition was to add a decoration each day during lent.  I feel slightly better now, as I'm sure I don't have 40 decorations on my tree - my self-control is still there - just!!

Anyway, while I was out with the secateurs searching for suitable branches for my tree, I ended up collecting bits for this arrangement.  I just love this yellow pom-pom shrub (sorry I don't know it's name - if anyone out there does please let me know!).  The colour is amazing and is brightening up our kitchen no end.

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