Friday, 1 April 2011

A bit of spring madness

I do wonder sometimes about the little ideas that pop into my head.  Where do they come from?  This latest creation is no exception.  The brief was to make an Easter Bonnet for Little Roo for an Easter Egg Hunt next week.  Well boys don't wear bonnets (although I think Little Roo would look mighty cute in one).  So into my head popped an idea - I'll make a bird's nest hat!  An upside down pill-box hat shape, with stripes of coloured felt and some chicks!  Hmmmm ......
 He's not so sure about it, but Flopsy Bunny loved it!!

Flopsy Bunny especially likes it as it features the famous chicken ribbon which went on her Easter Bonnet all those years ago (I've been searching for a photo of the bonnet but no luck so far, will add one if I find it!) and which she tried to persuade me should be added to the PJ's I was making her.  Anyway, here it is, strangely pleased with myself, even if it is a bit left field!  I especially like the larger chicks I managed to find!!

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