Friday, 15 April 2011

Fit for a King

My lovely friend Sarah has just started a blog.  She's doing a 30 day challenge - a post a day - so do pop over and take a look at sarahwoodonline I'm sure she would love a visit.  

One of Sarah's talents (her best one, in my opinion, are the amazing cakes she rustles up!) is her ability to find unusual things and things you never realised you needed or wanted on the web.  A couple of months ago she sent me an email with a link for - wait for it - yes a knit your own William and Kate.  Of course I had to download the pattern but in the end I haven't got round to making it - maybe you will?!  But on that Royal theme I thought I would let you know what I'm currently up to on the crafty front.  A secret (well not that secret as Flopsy Bunny has got in on the act) present for Little Roo for Easter.  His own crown - does he need one? Probably not - but recently he has taken to wearing his wizard tabbard and calling himself a king - and every king needs a crown, plus his sister is not going to tolerate his using her sparkly hair band as one for much longer!  So an Easter Crown for Little Roo and he will be all kitted out for the Royal Wedding Tea Party (theme prince and princesses!) later in the month.

Lots of Easter crafts planned for next week so do pop back.  I can't quite believe a week of the holidays have gone all ready - all too fast.  I'm trying to savour those lovely moments - lying on the sofa cuddling both Flopsy Bunny and Little Roo - wonderful.

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