Wednesday, 25 January 2012

On my needles

Poor Flopsy Bunny feels the cold and no more so than on her walk to school in the mornings.  Now we don't live a long way from her school.  She doesn't have to tramp down country lanes and over fields, oh no, we do just live round the corner, a 10 minute walk if Little Roo isn't too preoccupied with examining every leaf and stone on the way.  But when your beloved daughter says she has cold legs, despite thermal tights, then there is really only one thing to do - knit her some leg warmers!!  So I selected some gorgeous Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in her school uniform colours and set to work knitting.  Unfortunately I hadn't even got half way down one leg (she wants full length leg warmers . . .) when I had run out and then I worked out how much I would need, based on what I had used so far and came to the terrible realisation that these were going to be VERY expensive legwarmers.  Now the wool is very gorgeous and is incredibly soft and is the cosiest type of wool there is but I just couldn't justify over £20 on a pair of legwarmers, which she may not even wear once they had been made.  So I decided they would do for a pair of gloves instead and unpicked my knitting.   A quick trip to our local hardware store and some more (cheaper) grey wool was purchased.  It is definately not as soft - even a bit itchy I suspect, but over tights I hope that won't notice and not nearly as gorgeous but definately more cost effective - does that make me a terrible mother??!!!

PS Gorgeous wool on left, hardware store wool on the right!!!!

Now I've just got to get them knitted before spring arrives!


  1. I love that you had to knit them in school colours! x

  2. Ha Ha! I know, still being a 'good girl' at school after all those years!!