Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Last year Flopsy Bunny was given a whole lot of crafty presents for her birthday from her friends - I'm not sure where people got the idea that we were a crafty household . . . !!!  Anyway out of all the lovely gifts that she was given, this one was the one I was the most excited about.  I bided my time, not suggesting that she should tackle the one I wanted her to do and then in the summer she bought the box to me and we got started!  I was so impressed with how quickly she picked up the back stitch and how little help she needed - just a bit of needle re-threading and untangling.  So here we have it, the Owls, finished at the weekend and looking lovely don't you think?  I'm so proud of Flopsy Bunny - she's done a great job!  The crafting gene is strong in this one I think!!!

If you are interested the kit comes from the Little Experience Company - and it is great.  It includes everything you would need, scissors, needle, thread, stuffing and good instructions.  Lovely packaging and design, you can also make two pairs of glasses from the box.  Can't recommend it enough! (and no I'm not getting paid for saying that either!!!!)


  1. Well done Flopsy! Enjoy your crafty time with your clever Mummy!