Monday, 9 January 2012

Late harvest

Somehow the carrots got forgotten.  I'm not sure how, but there it is, they have sat in the ground all Autumn and this weekend I decided to see if I had any that where worth eating!  Well I must admit I was surprised.  I guess it is thanks to the mild winter we have had this year.  But we certainly got a crop and they are tasty too!

We had a lovely weekend in the garden, harvesting(!), chopping wood, collecting kindling, sweeping leaves, you know those kind of winter gardening jobs!  I also planted a pear tree to replace the tree that came down in the snow.  It will soon be surrounded by crocuses that Flopsy Bunny and I planted in the Autumn.  I am really looking forward to seeing where these flowers appear - there are going to be some straight rows I think - not the random effect I was after I fear!!  

Then today my search for a shepherds crook, to hang my gorgeous bird feeder from, was over!  Thank you lovely friend who gave it to me!  This was also the lovely friend who gave me this . . .  Excellent taste this friend has in pretty garden things!