Wednesday, 29 February 2012

An Extra Day

Ooo, isn't it exciting today, an extra day in the year.  Some people I know have been talking about doing something different today, something they wouldn't normally do, I guess traditionally it was always been the day that girls could ask boys to marry them in that old fashioned sort of way!!  So I've been thinking about what I could do, within the confines of the school run, work etc etc ...! 

It was very tempting to spend the day knitting, but then there were other things I needed and wanted to do - so I decided to do EVERYTHING - quickly!

A quick bit of laundry, knitting, work, blogging, sewing, ferrying children, eating, drinking, breathing and general other mundane things but at a pace!

Unfortunately during all this rushing around, doing everything I didn't get round to taking a photo, so here is one of our sitting room.  Strangely Flopsy Bunny was asked to bring in a photo of her sitting room for school today - I am yet to find out what it was needed for - the mind boggles . . .!

How did you spend your extra day today?

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