Monday, 20 February 2012

Snow and away

It's been a little quiet around here lately.  We have been having lots of snowy fun both at home and away.  But now the half term holiday is over and we are back to our old routine again.

During our snowy snap we've had a frequent visitor to the garden.  He discovered our bird feeder quite early on and then effectively took up residence under it until he discovered where the seed was coming from.  Then to our amazement he started jumping up and pecking great beakfulls of the seed.  Little children were dispatched to shoo the pheasant away, but he was not fazed at all.  Poor little robins, I will have to find a secret place to put food out for you!  Needless to say the feeder has now gone and we have a rather large fat pheasant waddling round the garden.  DH has been looking up receipes for pheasant pie . . .!

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