Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bunny time

It must be Spring and Easter coming up as my thoughts are turning to Bunny's again!!  If you have been reading my blog for some time you will know that I am quietly obsessed with bunnies - it's a genetic thing, as you can see from my own Flopsy Bunny above with her beloved rabbit (gosh she looks so young there - where did those days go . . .?).  Bunny posts crop up and multiply like, well rabbits around this time of the year, here's one, oh here's another, here's one and yes another one too!

So imagine my delight at finding these two gorgeous treats.  Snapdragon's garden has made what has to be the most cute and adorable bunny egg cosy and Flopsy Bunny will definately being getting one of those this Easter.  Then I saw over at The Purl Bee some very cute Bunny Finger Puppets, which I am already seeing as an Easter Craft Project in our house!

[Sigh] bunnies, bunnies everywhere - that's what makes a girl around here happy!

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