Friday, 9 March 2012

Off my needles and on!

I didn't realise how desperately in need of knitwear I was until, while knitting the final sleeve, I was seriously contemplating if I could wear this cardigan while knitting (for those of you who might be interested - I didn't in the end as I thought it would be just too tricky and take longer!!!).  But what I did do as soon as it was finished is pop it on, even before I blocked it, although it would need very little blocking.

So to the pattern.  This is a great pattern.  My second top down cardigan and I think this is the way forward for me - no endless sewing up, you can try it on while you are knitting and it is just so clever too!  I was a bit disappointed in my wool, I really liked the turquoisey bit but then these big bands of sludgy blue kept appearing which I didn't like too much - oh well not bad for a sale bargain!  The pattern came from here - thank you very much  Meghan!  But I did make some modifications as per some lovely Ravelry people and they can be found on my Ravelry page here.  Obviously the biggest modification was that I added some sleeves!!

Despite my reservations about the wool, it is very soft and warm and with my lack of knitwear I think it is going to be more worn than not at the moment!  I think I might also make the orginal version of the pattern too for the spring as it was such a quick knit - and will be even quicker without the sleeves!


  1. Lovely! Sleeveless Spring version sounds great! I'd go for an oatmeal colorway myself.....

  2. Ooo lovely idea - will start searching for some oatmeal!! Thank you for your lovely commment.