Thursday, 17 January 2013

Corners of our house

This is our new music corner - slightly pretentious sounding I know!  Flopsy Bunny has just started recorder lessons and had her first lesson last week.  It is so lovely that she is learning to play an instrument and she is so excited, she came rushing out, beaming and announced that she wanted a music stand for her birthday.  As luck would have it a trip to Granny's at the weekend meant that we came home not only with a music stand, but a first recorder music book and DH's old recorder.  Now Flopsy Bunny and I can practice together - I'm determined to be able to play something other than 'London's Burning'!!  The advantage of this corner is that it is out of the way and the music stand can be kept up for any impromptu practising that might happen.  Unfortunately it is not out of ear shot . . .!

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