Monday, 14 January 2013

The year ahead

January is a wonderful month.   The new year holds so much promise for the future, new things to do, new adventures to have, with a sprinkling of the unknown thrown in for good measure.  A friend asked me recently if I had made any new year's resolutions this year and I said that unusually this year I hadn't.  She then asked what I would normally resolve to do and to be honest I couldn't remember!!!  I'm sure most of my resolutions were about living a more healthy life, eat less, exercise more, you know the type, not surprising I've forgotten them so quickly! 

So this year I remembered a blog post by another friend about her 'word-of-the-year', (Aren't brain's amazing, popping things into your head when you need them most.  I like to think of my brain as having pockets of information ready to delve into - obviously really gorgeous pockets with lovely fabrics, with trimmings of lace and ribbon and with a few buttons thrown in . . .  OK, I've gone off the track a little . . .!) .  So instead of having a resolution to live up to you had a word of the year to live by - easier to remember than a whole list of things.  I started pondering on what my word might be, more caring? Better at keeping in touch with friends? More craftiness?  All good things but then I decided that it wasn't ideas that I was lacking in but the oommph to get them done.  So my 'word-of-the-year' is action!  Which fits well as you can often hear me cry 'action stations' when I'm trying to galvanise people to leave the house!!

So action for me this year, is to take all those bubbling ideas I have swirling around my brain and make them happen!  I've started by repurposing a lovely basket that I bought in Corsica, which just sits around waiting for a sunny day in summer when I might use it - now it will get constant use as my new knitting basket! I've also decided to keep my craft notebook and a pencil in the basket too so I can jot down ideas when they come to me and that usually happens when I'm knitting.  Wow, all that action is making me tired, time for a cup of tea and some knitting I think . . .!

What would your word be for this year?  Please let me know in the comments, I would love to hear them.

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