Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Meet Sandy

Sandy is Poppy's sister.  I feel a bit bad about Poppy because she was never quite right, maybe it was something about her hair or the embroidered face but Flopsy Bunny never really warmed to her and so she was left, abandoned in a corner.  All thoughts of Flopsy Bunny dressing her dolly in the many outfits I was going to make her flew out of the window.  But then I thought I would have another go, see if I could improve my doll making skills.

So after ALOT of internet searching and research (sadly I didn't save my links so I now can't remember where I found the doll with the embroidered heart - whose idea I've borrowed - apologies!) I decided to stick to the orginal doll pattern as I liked her shape and size - also I already had the pattern!  I decided to use an unbleached calico instead of the flannel and to make sure I stuffed her well as the last doll's head lolled a bit!  I found this beautiful site which had a hair tutorial which I used.  Bybido makes the most beautiful dolls and my attempt pales in comparison, but I am much happier with this version of the doll.
It's Flopsy Bunny's birthday next week so I am beavering away and hoping to make some new outfits and possibly some shoes if I am feeling especially brave!

Rag doll's seem to be all the rage at the moment, a couple of the blogs that I follow are collaborating on a red nose day doll and it looks a wonderful project.  Do go and have a look.  Lots of different crafts people are coming together to make something for the three dolls which will be auctioned after red nose day.

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