Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Red Nose Day Dolls

Have you noticed that new rather gorgeous button to the left??  Yes it will magically transport you to the Red Nose Day Dolls facebook page where you can catch up on all the amazingly gorgeous goings on.  I mentioned the dolls a little while back and since then lots of crafty bloggers have been making the most amazing items for the four dolls that are to be auctioned for Red Nose Day.  Some of my favourite bloggers have made blankets and dolls clothes, but the creativity hasn't stopped there, miniature pets have been made, toys, books, hats, jewellery, picnic baskets . . . the list goes on and the items are soooo well made and beautiful that there will be four very lucky bidders who will win one of these dolls.  The mosaic above, is from Silverpebble's blog and shows some of the lovely things that have been made so far.

What has amazed me most is how this project has bought so many creative people together and how it has really inspired people to get involved.

So far I have to say that Salty the Sea Dog is my favourite item.   Pop along to the facebook page and see what your favourite is and spread the word along the way so as many people know about the auction as possible!

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