Friday, 15 February 2013

Bat Cat

I had no idea what being a parent would involve before my daughter started school . . .   I think it should have been in the school prospectus or some training manual for new mums, something along the lines of  - "once a term (or twice if you are unlucky) there will be a dressing up day and you will be given a week's notice to come up with a costume, on a particular theme taking into consideration your child's particular vision . . .!"  In the past we've had Underwater Day, Water Day, several book week days, Pirate day - do you get the idea?  So this week we had Superhero Day and Flopsy Bunny wanted to go as Bat Cat!

This is an interpretation . . . for those of you not familiar with Charlie and Lola, Bat Cat is a cat who does heroic deeds, mainly for other cats!
I think Flopsy Bunny rose to the challenge on this one, once she got over her disappointment that the cape and eye mask weren't exactly as she had in mind . . .


  1. The costume is wonderful, but the poses make it!
    Ever thought of running a 'costume rental service', like you can for ball gowns???

  2. The poses are great! I think she is destined for the stage! You can borrow the bat cat costume any time!!!!