Thursday, 11 July 2013

It's really a cupboard isn't it . . .?

 . . . said one of the plumbers we had working in our house!  Well it may be small be it is now rather gorgeous!  The W C letters came from some witty guests at our wedding who thought it was funny that the initials of our first names were W and C!  They have come in handy though!
I am really pleased with how this 'little' room has turned out.

Although you have to look closely to see the boxing hares and some people miss them altogether!

For those observant ones, you will notice that the tiles on the floor match those in the bathroom . . . I had a slight change of mind about what to do with the bath panel and decided not to tile it which meant we had tiles left over.  But I think they look lovely here on the floor - I wish I could say I had designed it that way all along  . . . !