Monday, 22 July 2013

Teachers Gifts

I've been thinking about teachers gifts for a while, and then forgetting again, until it got to the point where I had to really think about what we were going to do this year.  It feels a big year, Little Roo will be leaving pre-school and starting 'big' school in September.  Flopsy  Bunny will also be moving up to Juniors in September so a big change for her too.  I can't quite believe I will have two children at school, it is quite sad to be leaving the baby/toddler stage behind, but exciting too as we start on a whole new chapter of our family life! 

So back to teachers gifts, what to do, the usual, mug/chocolate/soap solution felt a bit overdone.  We made Peppermint Bark last year so I needed to come up with something different!
I was wondering about pens - well teachers always need a pen don't they, so I thought I'd make a little pen case, that could be popped in a handbag and would hold a couple of pens - red ones - of course!  I had a rummage in my fabric stash and came across some oatmeal coloured linen and a lovely blue fabric with apples and daisy's which was given to me as a present from my brother.

To make the gift more personalised I got both Flopsy Bunny and Little Roo to write on the fabric with a vanishing fabric marker pen which I machined embroidered over the top - this took some time as I don't know how to do free-motion embroidery - I need to remind myself that I need to learn this!  A little apple appliqued on the front, a cute button and a blanket stitched loop completed the whole thing.  I hope the teachers like them!  They'll get a jar of jam too!

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  1. These are gorgeous; bet the teachers look forward to having your children in their class!