Thursday, 18 July 2013

Scrumping wild strawberries

When we moved into our little cottage we were so delighted to find that quite a few of the flower beds were over run with wild strawberry plants.  I've tried to tame my beds and keep the strawberries to just a few places.

But at this time of the year, when they are producing strawberries in abundance I realise I shouldn't be doing any taming at all.  It is soooo good to walk along, scrumping as you go.  Little drops of loveliness.  Little Roo would happily spend the whole day sat in a flower bed eating strawberries but then he is our little fruit bat!

In other vegetable news there's not much to report this year.  Life, renovations and other things have just got in the way.  But I've managed to put in some sugar snap peas, beans and a whole load of lettuce.

In the greenhouse I have some tomatoes and a cucumber plant - everything is scaled back this year but I do have a couple of hanging baskets for some tumbling toms!

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