Monday, 10 November 2008

Bonfire Weekend

Despite the rain, there has been sparkle this weekend with bonfires and fireworks going off all over the country. I love this time of the year with all it's celebrations - things to look forward to in the dreary winter months. Bonfire night is a wonderful night for wrapping up warm and tramping into a muddy, soggy field with your wellies on. Standing by a huge bonfire, we gaze at the wonderful fireworks as they light up the sky and whoosh and bang above our heads. It is so much part of our culture that I'm sure most people in the UK don't even think about the origins of this night. I didn't really either until, working at an international university, I had to explain to some overseas students what bonfire night was all about. Their puzzled and bemused expressions made me think it is funny how this medieval celebration has continued in our culture all these years. But it's great as it does bring the community together and it is a lovely spectacle.

Also it gave me a chance to knit a bonfire night scarf for Flopsy Bunny, her first scarf, she was very excited by it and it keeps her toasty warm. Unfortunately the pink felted slippers seem to be becoming a bit of a farce. I have unpicked several versions, all of which have not quite worked out. I can only blame my hormonally addled brain ... I've gone back to my original plan of knitting the slippers by Midnattsol and just trying it out and seeing what happens. I was a bit reluctant to do this at first as it meant that I would be wasting some lovely wool if the slippers came out in the wrong size but I am taking a leap and going to see what happens. I'm sure I will be able to find someone who's foot will fit - a bit like looking for Cinderella....!


  1. Is that the scarf you knitted? Gorgeous - how do you do all the colour changes???

  2. Thanks - yes I did knit this scarf. The colour changes come about from this fantastic wool which is multicoloured and you just use two different balls together. You never know which colours are going to end up together so it is really fun to knit and very addictive! I got the pattern from which is a great resource and community for knitters. Glad you liked the scarf - Flopsy Bunny loved it!

  3. oh! this scarf is just too lovely for words!