Thursday, 20 November 2008

7 Days to go and counting ....

Well it's a week to go, or thereabouts before Little Roo makes his/her appearance into this world and I have decided - probably rashly - to see how many crafty projects I can do in the time left. OK, I know I should be taking things easy and I have done a lot of the really important stuff - like sort out the linen in the airing cupboard (of course that couldn't have waited until after the baby was born), I've also chosen some (gorgeous) fabric to re-upholster a Victorian nursing chair I found in a junk shop and I've sorted out and tried to find homes for all the accumulated clutter that has been building up for a while. I've even made a start on the Christmas shopping.

So now I can relax, sit down with my sewing and knitting and try to rest. I definitely need to get finished the felted bag that I am making for my sister's birthday. It's in the same style as my embrace bag (see photo in my first post) but I've gone for a stripey look (well I wouldn't be Spots and Stripes otherwise!). Looking at the colours that I've chosen they are quite Christmassy too, but then her birthday is two weeks before Christmas. I then thought I would make a little stuffed heart for a friend's new baby and try making some fabric door stops which I was going to add to my Etsy shop. So we will see - hopefully I will get a chance to post to let you know what I've managed to achieve before the baby arrives, otherwise you might not hear from me for a while. But please come back and check when I'm back in action.


  1. Found your blog on ravelry.
    Wow are you trying to fit a lot in before the big event!
    I hope all goes well.
    I really like the stripe pattern you are using in the bag. It will make a great gift.

  2. Thanks for the comments, yes you are right, I'm probably doing too much - all those hormones making me nest!! Will check out your blog too when I have a moment. As you can see I've just started out in the world of blogging!

  3. Hope it goes well... will be thinking of you! Text me after the big event! x

  4. Just make sure the nesting hormones keep you busy doing fun stuff, because it's all about the baby for months and months afterward! The stripes are lovely. :)

    Congratulations and Best of Wishes to you and your new baby!

    from ceci9293 on the Blog Comment Train.