Sunday, 16 November 2008

Bumps, Babies and Balls

Baby Balls
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The imminent arrival of baby number two - Little Roo (as we have been calling the bump on account of him/her being so bouncy) - has got me thinking (eventually) about baby things. Having a baby in the month before Christmas does make you wonder what presents to buy and we probably wouldn't have got much if it wasn't for Flopsy Bunny. She is very excited about Father Christmas coming and so I will need to make Little Roo a stocking too. Luckily I came across a great idea on Ravelry (I'm so totally addicted to this site!) of knitted balls, if you are interested the pattern is from i like lemons. These balls are really quick to knit and a good stocking filler for little babies. I then got a bit carried away as they are also a good way of using up wool I've got lying about so I've also made a set for a friend's new baby (see above). I've been experimenting with the filing to try and make some tactile sensory balls, by adding cut up plastic bags (crinkly noise) and little bells - although I am a little worried about health and safety on the crinkle ones!

That's all very well I hear you say but haven't you forgotten about the pink slippers you have been promising us? Ahem, well, yes, they are finished but not my finest creation to date. They got a little misshapen in the felting process so don't exactly match, although Flopsy Bunny is quite taken with them, bless her. I think I have decided to stick to felting bags - a much easier enterprise!


  1. What a cute idea! I definitely had soft toys that made crinkly sounds like you described. Not sure about the safety factor (but I never hurt myself!)

  2. the little baby balls look so cheerful! i just love the the color schemes!

    i am sure baby roo will love them!

  3. just a thought:

    maybe you could line the balls with panty hose and then stuff with the plastic bags... you probably dont even need to cut the bags up... just stuff them in.

    i was thinking that the pantyhose lining would make it a little safer!

  4. Thanks for the idea I'll try that with the next batch I make!