Sunday, 10 January 2010


The saga of the mauve wool continues . . . I did manage knitting it by the December 25th deadline but then thought - oh it's done and put it to one side without blocking or sewing it up! It wasn't until Flopsy Bunny said "I'm cold" the other morning as she danced around the kitchen in her PJ's that I thought - hang on a minute I've got a dressing gown for her which is definitely needed in this icy weather. So I blocked and sewed and then ... oh no ... ran out of wool before I could finish sewing up the last sleeve and there is meant to be some crocheting up the front too . . . So I've decided to unpick one of the pockets and hope there is enough wool to finish it off - I'm not sure Flopsy Bunny will mind and I wasn't going to do the pockets as per the pattern anyway. What I am starting to get worried about is the size though - if I have run out of wool ... that doesn't bode well!

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