Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Things that wouldn't have even crossed my mind to do before having children ...

. . . like making a model chainsaw and helmet! DH had his chainsaw out at the weekend to start cutting up our fallen trees. Flopsy Bunny was very interested in it and having tried on his helmet and ear defenders said "mummy can you make me a chainsaw and helmet please" (I've inserted the please but I'm not sure if it was actually in the sentence - can always live in hope!) So I Hmmmmed and looked across at the recycling basket and hey presto a kitchen towel roll, biscuit box, paper and sticky tape became a chainsaw and a bit of newspaper and string became the helmet. I must admit I surprised myself - OK the perfectionist in me would have painted it etc to make it look realistic, but then Flopsy Bunny loved it and I knew it would be back in the recycling basket by the end of the week! Here she is trying to cut back our blackcurrant bushes!

The amusing thing about this is that our recycling basket has become a bit of a hot bed for craft activity in our house. I guess in those pre-recycling times it wouldn't have happened so much but Flopsy Bunny just walked past the basket the other day, whipped out an empty box of chocs, paper bag and some paper and with a bit of PVA glue and some ripping made a robot - the whole thing took all of 3 seconds! Another reason to recycle?!

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