Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Looking Back and Thinking Forward

Another snowy photo of our house and garden before the snow falls again - we are due heavy snow from 3am this morning and all day tomorrow. It is funny how all this snow can change the rhythm of our lives - everything has slowed down, there are less expectations, our days are suddenly free from obligations - I'm actually quite enjoying it.

It has given me a chance to look back on 2009, I've changed my project lists on the blog and was quite surprised when I counted up the things I had completed in 2009 and realised I had almost completed one a month - which considering I had a newborn baby and a three year old has actually been quite an achievement. I'm hoping to be more productive this year but I've also come to realise that I am a terrible planner of time. I tend to drift, have ideas and things in mind that I want to do but never get round to the sitting down and working out when I might actually do them. Time takes on a strange quality when you have children, as a mother I have certainly found that time is never my own any more and I need to think more carefully about how I am making the most of the time I have. I would love to hear how other people manage their lives - I always have this fantasy that everyone is so much more organised than I am!

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