Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A garden post: Springing and sprouting

Can it really have been just over two months ago that I wrote this post about marking the sunny days off on the calendar because they seemed so few and far between!  Wow, what amazing weather we have been having since.  It has been truly wonderful basking in the sunshine and scampering around outside.  All this lovely sunshine has been having it's effect on the garden too, which has just sprung into action!
My lovely alliums, which have never had a chance to flower until this year (almost four years now since I planted them); the flower heads have always been eaten by the deer in the past.  I'm not sure what has happened to our forest friends but we haven't seen much of them this year.  But I am so so thrilled to see my alliums flowering at last!!

I love this time of the year as our garden is at its best.  I've had to accept that my garden prefers spring plants and that all year colour is something I can only dream about.  I've always been slightly against annual plants as they seem such a lot of bother for just one season, but I can see now how they might have their uses and have been scattering seed around liberally thinking that something might take and that after all my gorgeous spring bulbs and perennials have finished I might have something else to jollify the garden. 

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