Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Summer rain shoes

Here are mine - we all need a pair to wear when it's warm but rainy!!  I bought them last year which is why they are slightly battered looking!  I think if I was going to get a pair this year they would be these ones . . .!

Now my friends have totally jumped on the Summer Rain Shoes bandwagon and they chose these ones

OK i've completely changed my mind on Summer Rain Shoes since I saw these beauties!  Camper Beetle I love you - just have to justify the £85!
I just thought I might need to explain my shoe category!  I realised that living in the UK, we often had warm days which meant I didn't want to wear socks or anything too warm on my feet but needed shoes that would keep my feet dry in the rain - open-toed sandals are just too soggy in the rain.  Ah what I need is Summer Rain Shoes!!

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