Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Knitting in the Garden

So yesterday I got all over excited talking about my flowers and completely forgot to mention all the sprouting things we have going on in the greenhouse and the veggie patches.  Yes, that patch of bare earth has sprung to life and lines (rather wiggly lines as it turns out) of potato plants are growing up quickly.  Our greenhouse has been taken over by courgettes/tomato/lettuce and pepper plants.  All very exciting.  Of course we have grown far more seeds than we can deal with so will be off loading some of our little seedlings to friends.  But in my experience this is the easy bit - getting them to produce anything is another matter entirely and I am determined to be more vigilant this year and hope we get a good harvest later on.

So you may be wondering what has happened to that lovely red wool I keep teasing you with.  Well, not much and quite a lot at the same time!  I thought I was being really clever with my knitted bunting.  Ha! I thought I will do a provisional cast on, knit my triangles on a circular needle and then knit them all together, casting on stitches in between each triangle.  Well, good idea in theory and yes, it almost worked in practice but I just couldn't get my provisional stitches small enough or neat enough when I knitted up for the band.  So having knitted all my triangles, fiddled about with it, fiddled some more, ripping as I went.  I decided to go back to the more conventional method of knitting my triangles and then picking up stitches to knit the band.  Some how, in all that fiddling and ripping I've lost impetus and although it should really be the quickest project in the world to complete it is still hanging around.  I'm hoping that writing this post will spur me into action and get it finished.  Maybe some nice knitting in the garden after I've picked up Flopsy Bunny from school . . .

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